Go Argonauts!

Welcome, students, to the fall semester at Mitikas University! You’ve all passed one of the most gruesome selection processes of any private institution of higher education in the world for one reason: you are among the best of your generation.

Set in lovely Leto Valley, Mitikas holds itself, and its students, to the highest standard. Whether you’re cheering the Argonauts on to victory against the rival Lions, studying for finals, or enjoying a weekend party out in the farm fields surrounding the city, remember who you represent, and the legacy our school has been building since 1912.

The world’s changing at an amazing pace out there, with a wide range of political, environmental and financial problems that your generation is unfortunate enough to inherit. So study hard, students. Solving climate change, preventing war, and eliminating poverty are all a small sample of the issues you’ll be expected to handle once you’ve left these halls.

Remember our university’s motto: Perseverance Breeds Excellence.

Dr. Cary Charkovsky,
Dean of Mitikas University

Scion: Leto Valley

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